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2D Fonts & Barcodes


The Security Supplement for Prevention of Alteration to Negotiable Documents

SequrZ provides tamper resistance through these unique characteristics:

  • Large reverse image characters;
  • Each number's name is scripted inside the number;
  • Each number is generated with a unique width and height;
  • Large delimiters like the arrow and the 'PAY ONLY' fill any open space in front of the dollar amount.

Frank Abagnale

As a printer, you can now supply your clients with SequrZ,
the best in printed document fraud protection.

The US$35,000 license fee is considerably less than the potential loss from one unsecured document.
Help your clients protect their negotiable documents with SequrZ.

SequrZ is used by thousands of corporations, government agencies and financial institutions to secure
the written and dollar amounts on negotiable instruments.

SequrZ: The World's Most Secure Number Font System

SequrZ works with all desktop and high volume production printers.

To order SequrZ or to further discuss the font system, click here >>>

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