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Published Columns by COPI Experts

2D Fonts & Barcodes


Designed by Frank Abagnale, a leading consultant specializing in check fraud prevention and the subject of the movie 'Catch Me If You Can', this font is designed with many features that add security to checks.

Secure number fonts offer a distinctive appearance that is hard to counterfeit, and their unique design makes it difficult to tamper with the amount .


Look at the following statistics about check fraud:

500M Checks Forged Each Year for a Total of $12B in Losses

1.4M Fraudulent Checks Daily for total of $34M

5-8% of All Products & Services are Counterfeit - $200B Annually

Check Fraud is one of the fastest-growing crimes affecting the nation's

financial system




Among the features used to secure the check amount:

•  Large delimiters include the arrow and the 'PAY ONLY' block that effectively limit the space to the amount intended.

•  Large reverse image characters in the dollar amount field that are difficult to alter without damaging the check.

•  The actual amount of each character is scripted inside each of the dollar amount numbers, adding difficulty to alter the character.

•  Each of the dollar amount characters have different widths, making it very difficult to modify the contents of the dollar amount field.


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